Half a page of scrambled lines

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The puzzle page has been a feature of Spare Bricks since the first issue. Though we had originally intended to include a variety of Floydian puzzles, the only ones that were ever completed were the Word Search puzzles. After 25 issues, we have decided to pull the plug on the puzzle once and for all. But to give the Spare Bricks puzzle a proper send-off, here are an assortment of puzzles and activities for you to enjoy.

You were caught in the crossword


Half a page of scrambled lines

Rearrange these anagrams to form familiar Floydian titles:

1. O My! Masters of an aeroplane.

2. I am Syd: zany, honoured icon.

3. Shitty, dodgy, shameful effrontery.


HEY KIDS! You can find all the answers to these puzzles as well as life's most perplexing questions here!