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A reader writes:

My name is Eroc Sosinski and I have a Pink Floyd tribute called Wish You Were Here, based out of Cleveland, OH. We are in our 9th year now and play regionally, throughout Ohio and into KY, PA, NY, MI, etc....

The new "Recycled" issue [Spare Bricks #20] is of particular interest to me because of the review of Bricks In The Wall's performance of The Wall. Specifically, I was surprised because the article implies that this band was the first Floyd tribute to do the show this way.... However, I am proud to say that I believe Wish You Were Here was actually the first to perform this show in the manner the article talks about, with costumed characters/actors, set pieces, and a giant Wall built (& subsequently torn down), in December 1999. We have since performed the show numerous times in front of thousands of people, with each show incorporating even more theatrical elements than the previous.

Eric, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Recycled Floyd indeed! It just goes to show that everything in the Floydian universe has been done before.

Mike McInnis
editor, Spare Bricks

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