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Spare Bricks Staff • Issue #14 • WINTER 2003

Editor: Mike McInnis
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Site Design: Mike Feeney
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Writers and Creative Input: Dave Baker, Russ Blomstedt, Bob Cooney, Jacki Dimitroff, Mike Feeney, Dean Hebert, Chris Hogan, Gerhard den Hollander, Dennis Howie, Rick Karhu, Patrick Keller, Richard Mahon, Jeff McFadden, Mike McInnis, Joakim Nordlander, Edward D. Paule, Joe Penczak, Phillipe van Roy, Jeff Scott, Johnny Valenzuela, Sean Zloch

Special thanks to Rachel Funari, Colin Turner, and Philippe Legault.

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I've got 13 channels of shit on the TV to choose from.

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